Animal Health

From poultry and swine farms to egg farms, hatcheries and animal product transportation, Sterilex PerQuat® technology is indispensable for animal health cleaning and disinfection applications. Specifically designed to kill resistant pathogens and remove organic soils that harbor microorganisms, Sterilex PerQuat® technology can help you improve biosecurity and protect animal health throughout the pre-harvest stage of the food production value chain.

Sterilex products are available in both liquid and powder forms and can be used on environmental surfaces, in drinker lines, and in floor containment devices to maintain biosecurity and improve the health and performance of animals. Sterilex products address sanitation issues in the animal environment, including the presence of biofilm forming organisms, which can be among the most challenging.*

Sterilex product benefits include:

  • Specifically designed to remove organics and kill resistant bacteria on equipment, surfaces, and in water lines
  • Prevents plugging of lines and nipple drinkers
  • Effective against a wide array of pathogens
  • Enhances health and livability of poultry and swine
  • Available in powder form to enhance biosecurity and kill organisms on floor surfaces and boots

PerQuat® key features:

  • Proprietary chemistry specifically designed to remove biofilm and kill resistant organisms such as Salmonella, Avian Influenza and other animal health organisms*
  • The only chemistry with products approved to “penetrate and remove biofilm” for public health and industrial applications*
  • Recommended by USDA as “best practice” for Listeria biofilm control*
  • Often used as a high-level disinfectant step to enhance sanitation
  • Perfect for more sensitive environments
  • Acts on areas prone to microbial challenges
  • Available in liquid or powder forms
  • Chemically scrubs difficult to clean areas

Sterilex products are sold through distribution either under the Sterilex brand name or under private label. Please contact us to learn where you can purchase Sterilex products for animal health applications. Sterilex products for animal health applications are available in the US as well as several international locations.

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*Biofilm label claims approved for specific applications only. See product label for full label claims and usage instructions.