Sterilex PerQuat® Technology

Sterilex’s proprietary PerQuat® technology is the first and only chemistry with products approved by the EPA to kill biofilm bacteria and remove biofilm in public health and industrial applications. PerQuat® based products are available in powdered or liquid form.

Sterilex’s proprietary PerQuat® technology is based upon a unique alkaline peroxide, phase transfer chemistry comprised of a synergistic combination of a peroxygen compound, a phase-transfer agent which possesses antimicrobial activity, and other formulation components which enhance cleaning and biofilm removal. PerQuat®  technology has the unique ability to penetrate and remove biofilms, kill microorganisms within biofilms as well as on surfaces (such as Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella, and Pseudomonas), and remove organic contaminants.

Biofilm, as the natural habitat for bacteria on all surfaces, is an important vector of transmission of microorganisms in any system. Simply killing free-swimming and biofilm-related microorganisms, without removing the biofilm structure from a surface, can result in rapid recolonization of organisms inside of the remaining biofilm matrix.  Sterilex PerQuat® technology not only provides broad spectrum kill of free-swimming and biofilm organisms, it also breaks up and removes the biofilm structure from a surface, preventing rapid recolonization. The multiple physical and chemical mechanisms of action of the PerQuat® technology reduce the risk of microbial resistance to Sterilex products.

Sterilex is the first company granted EPA-registered biofilm claims on its products and was a leader in providing proven, EPA-registered products with anti-biofilm activity to the marketplace.



Attacks and bombards biofilm.


Penetrates the outer layer and dissolves into the matrix.


Destruction and elimination of biofilm by a unique combination of oxidation, hydrolysis and solubilization.

Science and medical background.

Sterilex R&D

Sterilex Corporation has a core commitment to innovation, and to developing differentiated, high-performing products.  Sterilex products have been recognized as groundbreaking in their ability to solve difficult microbial control challenges, leading to safer end products and processes, longer shelf life, and greater productivity.  The company’s track record in developing the first products to demonstrate efficacy and achieve EPA registrations against bacterial biofilm (both public health and non-public health use sites) exemplifies Sterilex’s success in translating entrepreneurial concepts, based upon industry needs, into valuable products.  Sterilex’s culture of innovation blends ‘small company’ creativity and flexibility with ‘big company’ control processes, and reflects a collaborative spirit within Sterilex and with our customers.

Sterilex’s R & D activities are carried out in our own state-of-the art laboratories in Hunt Valley, MD, and are staffed by PhD scientists and regulatory specialists.

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