Water Treatment

When it comes to industrial water systems, cooling water systems, and pool/spa piping systems facing biofilm or biofouling-related issues,  Sterilex products address the problem at its source.

Industrial Process & Cooling Water Systems

For industrial process water systems and open recirculating or closed loop water systems, Sterilex offers revolutionary products to remove biofilm and prevent biofouling. Whether it be open or closed loop cooling systems or the elimination of biofilm from process water piping, Sterilex products have been shown to be a safe, cost-effective means of guaranteeing results. By fully eliminating biofilm growth in water systems, Sterilex products allow these systems to operate more efficiently and prevent harmful microbial contamination.

When used in water treatment, Sterilex PerQuat® technology…

  • Rapidly remediates heavily fouled systems or can be used on a maintenance basis to prevent biofouling
  • Can be used as a hybrid non-oxidizing biocide and biodispersant in one technology
  • Maintains process efficiency and reduces costs as compared to competitive biocide/dispersant programs
  • Fully removes the biofilm structure — increasing heat transfer efficiency, preventing microbial corrosion, and eliminating resistant microorganisms from the system

Pool & Spa

Pool and spa piping systems are a perfect breeding ground for resistant microbial biofilms, which can act as a reservoir for pathogens, including Legionella. Sterilex products eliminate biofilm from piping systems and disinfect pool and spa surfaces and small parts. Without complete removal of biofilm from pool and spa piping systems, microbial counts in the spa water can reach pre-treatment levels within 48 hours.

While traditional spa biocides such as chlorine, bromine, “quats,” and glutaraldehyde are not designed to fully penetrate and remove biofilm, Sterilex PerQuat® based products have been specifically designed and approved to remove biofilm, kill resistant biofilm forming organisms, and remove algae from pool and spa water systems. That’s why many of the largest cruise lines and commercial spa operators rely on Sterilex PerQuat® technology.

PerQuat® key features:

  • Proprietary chemistry specifically designed to remove biofilm and kill resistant organisms*
  • Unique EPA registered anti-biofilm product line*
  • Acts on areas prone to micro challenges
  • Chemically scrubs difficult to clean areas

Sterilex products are sold through distribution either under the Sterilex brand name or under private label. Please contact us to learn where you can purchase Sterilex products for water treatment applications including industrial water systems, cooling water systems and pool/spa piping systems. Sterilex has a strong commitment to customer service and training. Sterilex products for water treatment applications are available in the US as well as several international locations.

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We provide only the highest-quality products to advance your cleaning and sanitation program and are committed to customer service and training. Sterilex products are available in the US as well as several international locations. For more information, contact us at 800-511-1659 or use this form, and a representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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*Biofilm label claims approved for specific applications only. See product label for full label claims and usage instructions.